Hello All!  I thought I’d tell you a bit about myself so here it goes…  I’m a mother of one wonderful little hellion (I’d say angel but I believe in honesty hahahaha), pretty easy going and LOVE books!  Give me lots of romance, filled with love, passion and of course my happy ever after and I’m set!

Oh and don’t tell anyone but I’m definitely a guilty pleasure type of gal so add some steam and I’m more then happy. Make it a HOT Alpha male and well…..enough said 😉 . Hope my better half doesn’t read this; he’s kind of a Beta but love him anyway!! LOL

The only books I tend to avoid like the plague are stories with cheating or love triangles.  Oh and again there MUST be a happy ever after.  I hate getting drunk over a bottle of tequila after finishing a book that’s left me bawling my eyes out from depression; so NO thank you. Cliffhangers suck too.  I have enough stress (that’s my excuse for reading non stop hahahaha) without obsessing. I turn into a little book stalker. Soooo not healthy!!

Seriously though, taking a moment to disappear in a story and imagine the world a good author can create is one of my favorite pastimes and I’m glad you’re here to share that with me.  Happy reading and hope you enjoy!

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